18mo checkup and updates

Posted on January 14, 2012 @ 03:21 am by jon

Weight: 27lbs
Height: 33.5in

So our little man had his 18 month checkup a couple of weeks ago and passed with flying colors.  He is still averaging around 90-95 percentile for his age in most areas.  Doctor told us that by this time, Tyler should have about a 10 word vocabulary, but our little guy is probably more around 30 or so.  Our latest conquest is getting him to put words together, like "Read please", or "More please".  All in all...he is a strong, healthy boy who is eager to learn new things whenever he can.

For those that do not know...Tyler has been enrolled in swimming lessons at our local YMCA for about 3-4 months now.  He has taken to swimming just like a fish to water!  Being the proud dad that I am, I have to say that he is much more advanced than most other kids in his class...even some of the older kids.  He can swim on his own, jump off the side of the pool and even has jumped off the diving blocks that swim team swimmers use!  The last time we were at lessons, I took a video for you all to see, and have attached it below.

Wendy and I are so proud of our little guy and love to watch him grow and experience all of his new adventures.  I have a handful of pictures I need to upload (yes...I have been lagging on this), so stay tuned for those in the coming week or so!