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auntie ashee
I'm TY TY's auntie. I was lucky to be in the room when he was born and since that day he has a big massive place in my heart. I love him with my whole heart . I can't wait to watch him grow up ..i will always be there when he needs me even if I'm in a different state. Love you ty ty.
Jon Hopewell
I'm TJ's dad and the guy behind securing his "online space" (yes...he has facebook, twitter, vimeo, etc).

I was born 2/23/1978 and met TJ's mom, Wendy half-way through junior year of high school at Decelles (a clothing store in Medfield, MA). We kept the relationship going strong throughout the college years and made it official on 9/27/2003. TJ was always a glimmer in our eyes, and we are super excited that he has finally arrived.

I work as a Senior Web Developer for Mobiquity, a mobile services company based in Wellesley, MA. When I am not developing APIs and HTML Web Applications for Mobiquity, I am developing sites freelance, and also doing audio recordings for various ensembles (yes...I am actually using my Sound Recording Technology degree in some shape/form).

I am excited to bring this site to everyone, and hope that many will share their adventures and comments about my little man, TJ!
MaryAnn Palmer
I am Tyler Jonathan Hopewell's nana
Wendy Hopewell
Tyler's Mother - Born November 7, 1978

Tyler's Dad and I met in high school and were married on September 27, 2003. Our parents would say Tyler was a long time in coming, but we wanted to build a strong life together before his arrival.

Tyler joins his "brother" Jack a bagel (basset/beagle mix) in our house in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

As for me, I'm an Assistant Vice President at Putnam Investments in Boston managing Institutional RFPs. I've been working at Putnam for over 12 years and have an MBA in Finance from Suffolk University.

To be honest, Tyler went pretty easy on me during the pregnancy and although the delivery might have been easier with an epidural, the speed in which he came made the process bearable if not eventful. The doctor almost didn't make it in time and the last few minutes are very vague (I literally couldn't have done it without the help of his dad and aunt) but we got through it. Parenthood is definitely tiring, but well worth it.

I look forward to the eventful and loving moments ahead.