Sleepover with Nana and Poppy

Posted on June 4, 2011 @ 10:46 pm by nana

We watched Tyler overnight Friday we had such a fun time. I hope Tyler did, because we sure did. Tyler and I had our usual Friday excursions. We went to the grocery store for Mama , and then later on we went to the park to go on the swings and slide and see the animals. I am sure Tyler was laughing watching Nana try to push his stoller up the hills. We then went out for dinner and finally we all went to bed. We got up early not too early and watched some cartoons and then we all decided we needed some pancakes for breakfast over to I HOP we went. Then we went to BJ were Tyler got to ride in the truck cart. He already drives like a pro. After all that we took a much needed nap. We got to spend Sat night with him for a little while, but we had to come home even though I wanted to take him with us Daddy said no. I already miss him the crib needs the bug. (that's want his mom calls him). Tyler is the most precious gift I have in my life. I thank his parents for him everyday. I can't wait for the next sleepover,