What Tyler and Nana did today together

Posted on February 18, 2011 @ 09:10 pm by nana

Today Tyler and I had an excursion. We went to the bank , where we were stopped by people saying how cute he was. Then we went to buy some flowers for a friend who had been sick. Tyler picked out some pretty purple ones. Then we went to the salon to give Rose her flowers and Nana had some work done. In the salon again many woman commented on how beautiful Tyler was and how he had such great coloring and a beautiful smile. Then we left there went to go see Poppy who says he never gets to see enough of Tyler man. After that we went to Walmart to bring back a gift that I gave to Tyler for Valentines Day. It was a Penguin that rocked back and forth and played music. We never got to the music part because Tyler was terrified of the toy. We tried to show it to him many times and he always cried. THe last time he actually watched that we put it away. So needless to say I brought it back. In Walmart again it started with the saleslady who said how cute he was. All the time Tyler watching the box that held the dreaded Penguin. Tyler was very happy to see it go away forever. So instead he got two pairs of cute shorts to wear in Florida. and another toy that he loves. Thank God. We came home played alittle took a bath  and ate some dinner. He is so much fun. He makes you smile and forget all your troubles. Everyone should have a Tyler in their lives but sorry folks not this one.

Hi Mare-
What a wonderful day!! Tyler is a real heartbreaker. The weather was great to get out and run errands. Tyler does have great coloring and a beautiful smile. He is surrounded with love and is a happy baby.
Posted on February 19, 2011 @ 10:44 am by Barbara Glogolich