12 month check-up

Posted on July 9, 2011 @ 01:02 pm by wendy

7/5/2011 - Weight: 24.44 lbs Height: 31.75 inches (75 percentile weight, 95 percentile height)  And the bug keeps growing.... he's been walking now for a little over a month and a half (started wobbling on his feet at 10.5 months).
Now you can't keep a good bug down. He's running and climbing with the best of them. Started swim lessons too. He loves music and bouncing to the beat. Dad's bought him a tambourine and egg shakers... I'm not sure I recall what quiet is anymore. Hard to believe a year has passed. Tyler definitely isn't a baby anymore. Doctor said he can pretty much eat anything, except for nuts. He's on to whole milk as well. We are trying to stop the bottle, but I'm not sure how much luck we'll have..... he's a stubborn little one (wonder where he gets that from). Let the adventures continue.