15 Month Check-up

Posted on October 4, 2011 @ 05:11 pm by wendy

10/4/2011 - Weight: 26.13 lbs Height: 33 inches
So Ty's doing really well... his ears are clear, nose is dry, just a little heart murmur the Dr. said that we should check out. Dr has insured us that it's normal and nothing to worry about. I guess by 15 months a child is supposed to have a 4-6 word vocabulary and may speak in short 2 word sentences. We are good to go with Tyler. He says "hi, milk, up, knock-knock, moo, mom, nana, papa, dada, roar, ruff, jack-jack, oh and who can forget more and bye-bye". We're pretty sure we've heard an ashee and brush in there somewhere as well. Still working on please and down. I can't believe how big our little baby is getting and how much he learns each day. It truly is amazing.  He's definitely testing his limits. His new passions are running, climbing, and getting in to trouble. Can't wait for Halloween and the holidays. Much love to all. XOXOXOX