Back to School

Posted on September 8, 2017 @ 08:51 am by wendy

It's time for the first day of school photos and all that goes with it. I think we might have it a bit easier then most as the kids still had to keep somewhat on schedule over the summer for daycare and camp. That said, the transition still isn't easy. Day one was fine, but as the reality sets in getting motivated for day two and day three seemed a little harder. Lounging on the couch and dilly dallying was prefered over getting dressed and brushing teeth. That said, we are getting it done. Ty as always just seems to go with the flow. I'm hoping he gets a love of reading this year, but will settle for a non-dislike. Swimming has started and we are raring to go. As everyone says where does the time go. Good luck on your second grade year Tyler! We love you and are so proud. XoxoX Mom