Family Vaca 2016 - Lavallette, NJ

Posted on August 11, 2016 @ 04:54 pm by wendy

Can't believe it's already Thursday. We've had a great time at the shore. Great weather, great family, great friends. Couldn't ask for more. Ty is on cloud nine. The house is right on the shore and we have great neighbors. A family to the right with a boy only a couple years older than Ty and a little girl the same age as G. To our left we have a family with older kids who were just as sweet playing with Ty and G so we could enjoy our dinner on the deck. We've been to the beach and the boardwalk. Ty's been crabbing, fishing, and boogie boarding. He's at the boardwalk with Jon now doing a ropes course. School and work seem a million miles away. <3 The beach life.