Go Big Red LAX!

Posted on April 24, 2017 @ 07:49 am by wendy

Ty had his first lacrosse game this weekend and he played goalie for the whole first half. He played midi and defense during the second half. I think playing midi tuckered him out a bit. Though he jumps and plays all the time he was not used to the constant running required for the position. As for goalie, it was literally his second time practicing or playing the position but he did pretty well. He was so excited. He had some nice saves and a few misses, but overall he did really well for his first time out there. He's in a 9&U program so the speed and talent varies significantly. Foxborough was tough competitition. Our team just needs to work together. We'll get there. So far Ty seems to like the sport. He, like his parents, still don't understand it all but are learning. I like that it's a fairly quick game with a lot of action. Quite different than the swim meets we are used to. It's hard to see balls and sticks flying at your six year old but I'm glad he's sticking with it - no pun intended. Now if we can just get him to eat some protein to keep up his energy. So proud of this little man. XoxoX