Gone Fishing....

Posted on June 18, 2016 @ 06:39 pm by wendy

Ty participated in his first fishing derby over the weekend in Hopedale, MA. Dad and Poppi brought him at 7 to find the best spot. Nana, G, and I followed about an hour later. Ty got the hang of casting pretty quickly and seemed to enjoy himself. Poppi handled most of the baiting, but Ty had no problems handling the fish (catch & release). It was actually really nice to spend the morning at the pond. We all got a few casts in. G was really well behaved and got a few casts in himself. As for Ty, he actually came in 3rd in the bluegill category (3rd largest caught out of 50+ kids) and won a fishing pole. Great start to Father's Day weekend. God Bless!