Growing up - Summer 2016

Posted on July 23, 2016 @ 12:55 pm by wendy

Ok so Ty had his 6 birthday this month. I cannot believe how quickly he is growing up. After going with his Poppi earlier in the year he just had to have a rock climbing party. Not so easy when half of the guests are under 4. That said everyone did awesome. I'm sure I said this before but this kid has no fear. He will think about the "scary" parts for about a minute but then it's a challenge he has to over come. This week Ty had a lot of firsts. He's now just under 48 inches, so with shoes he made it onto most of the rides at Six Flags and Canobie (he's hoping he'll grow four inches (doubtful though he did grown almost three this last year) so he can get on the remaining roller coasters (Superman and Batman) next year). I think Grampi might have a few shots of the SkyScreamer and the Flashback that I would love to see. What six year old pulled his mom onto the 400 foot in the air swings or begged to go down the steep Cannonball slide (quoted from the website "Or, if you have the nerve, you can choose the option in the middle, the bright green open-air straight drop that will whisk you to the pool like the cannonball the slide is named after. Your body will barely touch the slide the entire time. You'll just hear the wind whooshing by as you dive bomb back to lower altitude.") all by himself? Tyler. Let's just say God and I were having quite a few conversations this day. First seat is the only seat was the motto for Canobie. Tyler took turns with Poppi, Aunt Ashley, and Uncle Stevo riding every twisty turny ride there was. Open and closed both parks. Love this kid, even though I'm sure he's causing my blood pressure to rise. 6 year Stats: Height - 47.75 inches Weight - 55.2 lbs 20/20 vision