Happy Birthday Great Grammi!

Posted on October 26, 2011 @ 08:52 pm by wendy

So September 16, 2011 was Tyler's Great Grandmother's 90th birthday. We couldn't let it pass by without a tadoo, so we packed up and headed down to Florida to celebrate with the extended family. It started off... well... do you remember the first airport scene from Home Alone? It was worse. We under estimated the Boston traffic, got to the airport with a little over an hour to check our baggage and make it through security. Tyler's grandparents and uncle were already there and waiting. I thought for a domestic flight it wouldn't be too bad. I was sorely mistaken. Jon and I grabbed all the bags (each of us with a carry-on, Tyler's diaper bag, my purse, Jon's computer bag, each of us with a bag to check, Tyler's portable crib, my suitcase, and a duffle for jon, the car seat, and the stroller), and Tyler and ran through the airport. We got to the baggage check and the line was out the door (no lie probably a good 2-3 hour wait). Jon left me in line with everything and went to the sky cab. Luckily it was significantly shorter. So we went back outside and waited and waited. Finally... with 30 min to spare we check our bags and Jon asks the agent...."are we going to make it". " You got a shot" he says. "Just tell security you are trying to make a flight". So yes... once again we go running through the airport, detoured because of construction, and yes cut our way through an hour long wait... Jon's taking off his belt and emptying his pockets, I'm throwing everyone's shoes into the plastic containers and pulling tyler's milk bottle out for the separate security check, jon's shoving the stroller through the security scanner and the TSA agent is telling us that the car seat will go through when we no there is no way in hell it's getting in there.... but Jon's shoving like he's told. Finally, Ty and I are through. We pick up the stroller and the carryons. Jon's stuck there getting the carseat and milk from the separate scanner trying to re-belt his pants before they fall down and yes.... once again we begin running. To our surprise and probably that of the passengers and crew on board we made it on to the fully boarded, fully packed plane. We were exhausted and dying of heat, but we made it. Then..... 1.5 hours into the flight... Tyler broke down... uncontrollably. Wouldn't stop crying for a good hour... nothing would console him. We think it was probably his ears, but he wouldn't swallow anything. Just screamed. Then...suddenly... (I think he took a cookie) he stopped. We landed. And he proceeded to say bye-bye to every last passenger and crew member on the plane. I was actually surprised at how nice everyone was to him despite the awful flight. I'm sorry Jet Blue passengers.  Despite all that, we had a wonderful time. It was great to see Grammi and all of Jon's family. Coming back wasn't bad at all either. We haven't sworn off traveling yet. Much love to all. XOXOXO Wen