Summer Swimming

Posted on July 21, 2013 @ 05:51 pm by wendy

So most of you know by now our little guy is a fish. He loves the water. Being in it, under it, around it. You also know that the little man has no fear. So learning how to get out of the pool if you accidentally fall in has been one of our biggest goals. I'm happy to say, I think we are close. Ty's down to one bubble and can pull himself out of the pool with practiced ease. We had to wait until his third birthday but he is now in the EEL class and learning the backstroke and how to dive with the 5 year olds. Here's a few videos of him learning the backstroke and jumping off the block.

PS - What is not captured on the video is me telling Ty that you aren't supposed to jump off backwards on a block. Who knows....perhaps we'll have a diver on our hands as well - I think he might be a bit too tall for that though.

2013-07-21--Working on my backstroke from Tyler Hopewell on Vimeo.

2013-07-21--Cannonball!!! from Tyler Hopewell on Vimeo.