Tyler's First Dental Checkup

Posted on January 17, 2013 @ 01:01 pm by wendy

Ok. I know every parent thinks their child is awesome, but I have to say our kid is pretty cool. I do wonder what's going on inside that brain of his though. Yesterday, Ty had his first dental checkup. I guess the average age is 3 or so. I've been hearing about all these young kids getting cavities though and since Nana works as an office manager at the dentist office and he was covered by insurance we brought him in. I told the hygienist that he should be good and well that was an understatement. Like he does time and time again, Ty just soaked it all in.

He fell asleep in the car (and who knew how he'd be when he woke up), but he woke up happy. He got into the big dentist chair, got his bib put on, and did what he was told. He wanted to keep his head up and wasn't sure about opening his mouth real wide, but after a gentle nudge from nana he followed directions and got his teeth counted, cleaned, and checked. Got his toothbrush, prize, and was out of there. My rockstar. No crying, no screaming. He literally just sat there wide eyed taking it all in. No fear this one. I think I'm in trouble.