Tyler's First Swim Meet

Posted on October 22, 2015 @ 08:26 pm by wendy

So proud of our little man. He's growing up so fast. Jon Hopewell has video that'll we'll post to Ty's website soon but here are a few pics of the warm ups. I had some trouble with the swimsuit at first (who knew there was extra material to ensure full coverage of his boy parts), but he was raring to go. He swam a lot tonight against mostly 8 year old boys. Free in the 100 Medley, 25 Free, 25 Backstroke, and 25 Free in the 100 Free Relay. Go HAY lightning! Way to go Ty!

I was so proud of my grandson Tyler swam like a pro he was so mature and focused for a 5 year old swimming in his first meet it was so surreal watching him and remembering doing the same with his mom I am so excited to see what he will accomplish in the future xo
Posted on October 23, 2015 @ 08:11 am by nana